Yu-Gi-Oh! Egyptian Gods Structure Deck: Slifer


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Slifer powers up depending on how many cards you have in your hand, so this Deck uses Token-generating effects to help you gather the 3 required Tributes while using fewer cards from your hand. After you have Slifer on the field, power it up with cards that let you draw more cards, like the brand-new Thunderforce Attack! Based on Slifer’s signature attack, this Spell can destroy all your opponent’s face-up monsters at any time, but if you use it during your own Main Phase you can draw a card for each monster destroyed!

  • The Egyptian God Deck is 40 cards total and includes 1 Egyptian God Card and 5 new cards – 4 unique new cards as well as 1 copy of Soul Crossing, a brand-new Quick-Play Spell Card that lets you Tribute Summon your Egyptian God Card by Tributing your opponent’s monsters!
  • The Egyptian God Deck contains 40 cards: 4 Ultra Rares 4 Super Rares 32 Commons 1 Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide


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